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The Most Likely Places To Find Mold in Your Home

3/5/2019 (Permalink)

Mold damage in Mount Vernon, NY

Mold exists everywhere and has been around for millions of years. It has developed the ability to survive in many environments. It also has the ability to travel easily from one spot to another.

What Can You Do to Prevent Mold Growth in Your Home?

  1. Identify problem areas throughout your home
  2. Resolve issues that support the growth of new mold
  3. Complete home maintenance regularly
  4. Schedule annual mold inspections

Find Trouble Spots

One of the key steps to preventing new mold growth in your home is understanding how to find the main problem areas and then correcting any issues that may exist. Complete a thorough inspection of your home. Did you find any moldy drywall in an unfinished basement? Did you find mold on wood at the base of an old sofa? The most common places to find mold is anywhere with high humidity, a lack of adequate ventilation, and something organic to feed the mold. Unfortunately, just about everything contains organic elements.

The Top Places to Look for Mold in Your Home

  • In the shower and around the bathtub
  • Under and around the sink and toilet
  • Behind drywall and beneath your linoleum
  • In the refrigerator and pantry
  • In appliances, including washing machines, microwaves, and stoves
  • Around windows and doors
  • On your mattress
  • Through heating vents and air conditioning systems
  • Near the fireplace and chimney
  • In the soil of indoor plants

Home Maintenance

After checking through your home, take any necessary steps to remove water, reduce humidity, increase ventilation, and discard damaged belongings. The first time you complete this step, it may take some time and effort. Eventually, however, routine maintenance should be enough to prevent leaks into the attic and basement, avoid drips beneath the refrigerator, and maintain a safely dry atmosphere throughout your home.

Ongoing Prevention

The final step in avoiding mold damage is to schedule annual inspections with Mount Vernon, NY, cleaning and remediation professionals. Although mold growth occurs naturally everywhere, you don't have to live with it in your home.

The Essentials Of Effective Mold Remediation And Removal

2/14/2019 (Permalink)

Mold in a Downtown Scardale home.

It is no secret that many individuals are struggling with contamination of mold in home as well as commercial mold damage. The reason for such contamination is through the development of either fungus or mildew on your walls and ceilings. Mold damage associated with mildew or fungus is common because mold thrives in places with moisture issues such as leaking roofs or faulty plumbing lines. Mold damage is very detrimental to the structural integrity and durability of your house. This can cause the house to fall apart and is the reason why mold removal and remediation is essential.

Mold removal differs from remediation in that it involves the physical extraction of parts that have been contaminated by either mildew or fungus. On the other hand, remediation can be described as the process of demolition, sanitization, and removal of damaged features, as well as the implementation of measures to reduce and prevent mold damage.

Mold mitigation is done by controlling the causal factors of fungus and mildew formation so as to reduce any further damage. Mitigation involves the both structural and non-structural procedures that limit the impact of natural and environmental hazards such as mold. The growth of mold is supported by the presence of moisture, availability of time, as well as food, in the form of flooring materials, drywall, plywood, and carpets. By taking away one of these components, you will control or prevent the formation of mold. This is the primary objective of remediation and mitigation.

Steps Taken in Mold Removal and Remediation

The basic principles of remediation are founded on ensuring safety and contamination control through proper mold damage assessment, as well as the elimination of the water and mold sources. This moisture problem leads the development of a strong smelly odor, which is an indicator of mold contamination. For mold in home and commercial mold damage, it becomes necessary to invoke the use of deodorization techniques.

The purpose of mold removal and mitigation is to return the concentration of mold in home and commercial buildings to safe, natural levels. To address the smelly odor, the water source must first be handled in the process of mold removal. It is important to enlist the services of a professional, who will follow the steps below:

  1. Learn about the moisture problem

It is important to understand that the contamination is caused by a water source issue. This means that while mold grows visibly on the outer part of your walls, it is also growing inside the support structure of your home. Having adequate knowledge of the source will allow your warranty representative to locate mold growing visibly and invisibly. This is important in assessing commercial mold damage due to the exponential size of such buildings.

  1. Create an actionable plan

By documenting the progress of contamination, it becomes easier to come up with a plan to manage mold in home. The professional supervisor enlisted should be able to give you regularly updated plans that outline the project duration, environmental testing, and if temporary relocation is necessary.

  1. Evaluate the extent of mold contamination

It is fundamental to note that mold damage occurs both where you can see and where you cannot. Therefore, by calculating the level of contamination, the warranty supervisor will be able to determine how to approach the cleanup exercise. In the case of a smelly odor, they will also provide the most appropriate deodorization method.

  1. Actual removal process

The process of removing mold in home involves clearing the existing contamination without causing more harm to the homeowner or other specialists. It involves:

  • Isolating the contaminated region with plastic sheets to avoid dust accumulation.
  • Fixing the water source so as to prevent mold reformation.
  • Removal of all wet objects, as well as those damaged by the contamination. They are then double-packed in plastic bags for disposal by the professionals.
  • Cleaning of all non-porous surfaces that experienced mold growth.
  • Air scrubbing using a HEPA vacuum to boost deodorization.

The process should strictly follow the guidelines of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Mold in home brings about a smelly odor, health issues, as well as structural damage. Although the smell can be cleared by deodorization, the commercial mold damage may be irreversible. However, in most cases, demolition is not the only option, as more efficient solution techniques can be used. It is advisable to enlist the help of a professional who will follow EPA standards, and carry out a post-cleaning assessment to determine if the process was successful.

Tips on Discovering Mold

2/14/2019 (Permalink)

Mold in a Downtown Scardale home.

If you discover mildew, fungus, and particularly mold in your home, there are some crucial steps that you need to take to protect your property. When it comes to mold removal and remediation, you must understand the importance of engaging the services of a mold restoration company. On a related when it comes to mold in home, and commercial mold damage, you need to understand the risks you take of attempting to mold removal and remediation on your own and without professional intervention.

Tip on Discovering Mold

Do Not Disturb Mold

A key strategy you need to keep in mind is the importance of not disturbing mold in home when discovered. When mold in home is disturbed, the spores spread and a mold problem becomes all the more serious. One step to take in this regard, if at all possible, is turning off the heater or air conditioning to prevent the spread of mold spores.

Mold growth can occur almost anywhere in your home. This includes mold growth behind wall. Thus, if you discover mold anywhere in your residence, or if you detect commercial mold damage, you logically must assume that mold is present in other locations in your home.

What Is Mildew and How Can You Get it Off Your Plants?

1/21/2019 (Permalink)

Contact a mold remediation specialist right away!

Plant mildew, unlike other types of mold that you might find growing in your home in Tuckahoe, NY, is a type of parasitical fungus that grows only on living plants. You can often tell if one of your plants has been infected by mildew if you can see a white powdery residue on its surface. Since mildew can potentially kill your plant and spread to other plants close by, you will want to rid of it as quickly as possible!

Removal Methods

To stop mildew growth on your plants, try the following methods:

  • Move the plant outdoors into the sun
  • Wash the plant with water around its roots
  • Spray it with mildewcide or fungicide
  • Prune heavily infected areas

Removal Product Options

If you choose to try a mildewcide to tackle a plant mildew problem, you will need to consider the type of plant you are applying it to. If you are treating a plant that you don’t intend to eat, then you are okay to use a chemical fungicide. However, if the infected plant or is intended to be consumed, you will want to use more natural mildewcides that are intended for use on edible plants. No matter what, stay away from mold removal products that are intended to be used on building surfaces since there is a good chance they will kill the plant.

Mildew Prevention

Once you have cleared your plant of mildew growth, you will want to take the following preventative actions:

  • Keep indoor humidity at acceptable levels
  • Ensure soil is fertilized correctly
  • Regularly remove weeds
  • Clear away leaves and other plant debris
  • Disinfect any tools used to remove mildew
  • Consider using mildew resistant potting soil

Luckily, if plant mildew is addressed quickly there’s a good chance your plant can be recovered. Remember, that mildew does not grow on other surfaces, so if you see mold on other places in your home contact a mold remediation specialist right away!

Emergency Tips for Residential Mold

9/25/2018 (Permalink)

an attic space with tan and green growth on the floor Mold damage in a Scarsdale, NY home

When you look for the perfect house in Scarsdale, NY, you may focus on square footage or number of bedrooms. For mold spores, moisture is the ideal home to settle down and multiply. When black mold takes up residence in your home, begin the eviction process immediately.

Take Immediate Action

In as little as 48 hours a single mold spore can turn into a mold infestation. In most instances, addressing a moisture problem within that time frame prevents mold from forming in the first place. When you suspect mold in your home, take the following actions as soon as possible:

  • Turn off your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Spores travel through the air which creates problems for other areas of your house.
  • If the moisture problem is due to a leak in the plumbing, repair it immediately. Turn off the water supply to the source until it is fixed.
  • Mold cleanup usually requires services of a mold restoration specialist. Avoid contamination of other areas by not disturbing the moldy site.

Initiate Mold Cleanup

In an emergency situation, mold specialists typically arrive within four hours to assess the damage. Since mold is part of nature, all mold spores in the air cannot be removed. Rather, mold remediation consists of the following steps:

  • Your home is inspected for visible and hidden mold problems.
  • The affected areas are contained to prevent contamination elsewhere in your home.
  • Air filtration equipment is used to remove spores from the air and control the spread of spores once the infestation is disturbed.
  • Black mold and mold-ridden structures and contents are removed. Remaining items are cleaned and restored.

If you don’t want to share your home with black mold in Scarsdale, NY, act quickly at the first signs of an infestation. Turn off the HVAC system, shut off the water supply and contact a mold remediation specialist.

Getting to the Root of Mold

7/23/2018 (Permalink)

Mold damage in Scarsdale business

Where there is water, there is mold. Mold can grow in any climate, even in Scarsdale, NY. If mold is found in your business, following the proper protocol for fungus cleanup is of utmost importance to the health and productivity of your employees.

How Did the Mold Start?

Mold is microscopic, ubiquitous and fast growing. In fact, mold begins growing within 48 hours, and what is seen on the surface is only the beginning of an extensive root system. Knowing how it takes hold and begins growing on surfaces is a great place to start. Here is a list of conditions that promote the growth of mold:

• Areas of high humidity without proper airflow
• Rooms or buildings with poor insulation, leading to water condensation on surfaces
• Undiscovered leaks inside walls

The Myth About Cleaning Chemicals

When mold is found, it is common for a business to reach for frequently used chemicals, such as bleach. The problem with this approach to fungus cleanup is that the solution is not effective on all surfaces. Porous material, where the fungus grows best, soaks up the water in the product, bringing more nutrients down to the root system. The active agents, however, sit on the surface and evaporate quickly, allowing the body of the mold to continue growing unseen.

Proper Eradication

Effective cleanup of mold requires a business to act quickly and aggressively by removing the source. This process relies on techniques and equipment that are specially designed to keep airborne spores from spreading. Rather than risking costly mistakes, a business is wise to look to professional fungus cleanup specialists for this service. Specialists in Scarsdale, NY, have the needed supplies and equipment, as well as knowledge of the local area’s mold cleanup protocols. Additionally, these pros can identify issues that may arise in the future, saving a business time and money and getting to the root of the problem.

If you have mold growing in your business, don’t pull out the bleach just yet. It’s usually best to contact professionals to take care of the issue.

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Why Is Mold Attracted to Residential Homes?

5/14/2018 (Permalink)

Mold can happen anywhere in your home or business moisture or water is present

While mold can happen anywhere, it seems most attracted to residential buildings. Finding black mold in your home can be a nightmare of mold cleanup and remediation, but you can prevent it by understanding the common causes that lead to infestations in your Scarsdale, NY, home.

It’s All About the Water

Mold growth in your home can almost always be traced back to one source: a moisture problem. Black mold thrives on organic matter, but it requires moisture to truly grow out of control and proliferate. Common sources of moisture that lead to mold outbreaks include the following:

• Broken and leaking pipes
• Roof and window leaks
• Standing water left behind by bathtub, shower, and toilet splashing or overflow
• Water trapped beneath linoleum and tile
• Standing water left behind by floods
• Excess humidity and condensation in the air

So How Can I Fix Mold in My Home?

Avoid a mold infestation in the first place by keeping your home dry and free of leaks or other moisture sources.

• Check the integrity of your roofing and window seals and have them repaired as needed.
• If you’ve recently suffered flooding, quickly dispose of any sodden materials and dry out any remaining water, even if you may have to pull up carpeting and floorboards.
• Have a plumber in to check your pipes and keep them in good health.
• Check your appliances, particularly refrigerators and air conditioners, to ensure they aren’t leaking or having problems with condensation.
• If you live in a high-humidity environment, invest in a dehumidifier and run it as necessary to bring down the moisture levels in the air inside your home.

If you’ve already seen outbreaks of black mold, you may need to retain the services of a mold remediation specialist. These technicians can help you identify sources of mold that aren’t readily apparent on initial inspection and recommend appropriate cleanup and prevention actions.

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How To Choose an Air Purifier To Remove Mold Particles From the Air

3/24/2018 (Permalink)

Humidifier used for Mold Remediation in Scarsdale

Battling mold in your Scarsdale, NY, home can be a challenge. Mold tends to spread quickly and reduces your home's air quality, and once it takes hold, it can cause an unpleasant odor and damage building materials. Using quality air filtration in your home can eliminate mold particles from the air; however, there are a few factors you may want to consider as you compare different brands and models to choose a system that best suits your needs.

Filter Quality

The quality of the filter in an air purifier can make a significant difference when it comes to removing mold particles from the air. Generally, systems with HEPA filters, such as in the Oransi Max, are effective in removing not only mold spores but other impurities:

" Bacteria
" Pet Dander
" Dust

Consulting a restoration and mold remediation company before choosing a system with a high-quality HEPA filter can help you feel confident about removing damaging mold particles from the air before they can take hold inside your home.

Ease of Use

Air filtration systems that remove mold spores from the air and are designed for convenience can be a good choice if you want clean air with a push of a button. These models, such as the Oransi OV200, have a user-friendly design and can be operated with a remote control. Other features include an air quality sensor and a HEPA filter.


Working with a limited budget does not have to mean foregoing an air filtration system for your home. Some models, such as the Honeywell True HEPA Air Purifier, 50250-S, cost under $200 and are designed to remove mold particles, pet dander and other irritants from the air. This model also includes a long-lasting filter for even greater savings.

The right air filtration system can help remove mold particles from the air inside your Scarsdale, NY, home. Taking the time to consider which system best suits your needs and budget before you shop can help you choose wisely.

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Remediation or Cleanup: How to Handle Mold in Your Business

2/24/2018 (Permalink)

If your business has a flood or other humidity problem, you may understandably worry about black mold. You may lookup restoration businesses and find that some call their services “mold cleanup,” while others refer to it as “mold remediation.” These are not just different terms for the same thing. To understand how they differ and which is best, you need to know a few critical facts about mold:

• It is almost everywhere all the time.
• It can be dangerous when it spreads and grows.
• Moisture and humidity cause this dangerous growth.

With these essential mold facts in mind, you can take a look at what cleanup and remediation services offer and make an educated decision.

Mold Cleanup

You may notice that some services in Fleetwood, New York, promise to clean up your mold problem. What this means is that the business can wipe off any black mold they find. However, this does not solve the problem altogether. Since mold can spread even after the cleanup crew leaves, this can be insufficient.

Worse yet, the promise of mold removal is outright misleading. Remember that mold can be anywhere at any time. It’s only when there is a humidity level above 45 percent that this fungus can spread and become a problem. If a crew promises to get rid of all mold in your home, they may be deliberately misleading you, or they may not be real professionals.

Mold Remediation

If you come across a business in Fleetwood, New York, that promises to remediate your mold problem, you may have found a real professional. This process should involve bringing the humidity levels down in the building, checking for visible black mold even above the flood line, cleaning all visible mold, and more. Sometimes, your professional cleanup crew may recommend a flood cut, in which they remove that drywall at least six inches above the flood line.

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Early Warning Signs of Mold Growth

2/12/2018 (Permalink)

Even before you see an actual mold growth in your home, there are some warning signs that can alert you to the possibility of this type of infestation.

This includes mold growth behind wall.

Flooding or some other type of water-related issue in your home may set the stage for a mold problem, including black mold. In addition, the presence of mildew and fungus may be indicative of a mold issue. Indeed, a mold mitigation service will examine a residence for the presence of mildew and fungus as part of its inspection to ascertain the nature and extent of a mold problem. As an aside, you need to take prompt action to combat mildew and fungus when these types of growths are found in your home.

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?Proactive Response to Mold Growth?

2/12/2018 (Permalink)

When you discover mold growth, including mold growth behind wall, you should contact a mold damage and remediation professional with all deliberate speed. You lessen the potential for mold damage, and lessen the possibility of other mold-related problems, but getting a restoration company to your residence promptly.

There are mold restoration company options that provide rapid response services.

They can be at your residence, of place of business if the issue is commercial mold damage, in a very short amount of time. This type of restoration company can provide you an accurate evaluation of the problem, together with an estimate for mold removal, mitigation, and remediation services.

The Importance of Comprehensive Mold Damage, Removal, and Mitigation Services

You cannot underestimate the value of engaging a restoration company that provides comprehensive mold damage, removal, and mitigation services in the aftermath of residential or commercial mold damage. When seeking assistance from a mold removal expert, you are best served with a professional that tends to all aspects of remediation. This includes not only elimination of mold, but also deodorization and addressing issues like dry rot and smelly odor.

The reality is that associated issues like deodorization, smelly odor, and dry rot are vital to fully restore a residence. The failure to address issues like deodorization, smelly odor, and dry rot can impact the livability of your home. In addition, the lack of attention to deodorization, smelly odor, and dry rot can decrease the value of your residence.
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When to Test Your Home for Mold

12/15/2017 (Permalink)

When to Test Your Home for Mold

Mold spores are a part of your everyday living spaces. Most molds are fairly harmless although some individuals are more sensitive to them than others.

The process of mold elimination usually begins with a mold test. Most mold tests can determine what types of mold you are dealing with. This is not as important as determining its location. An indoor environmental specialist air and surface samples to determine whether the fungus is present.

When to Test

Your home has a musty odor

Your home recently flooded or you dealt with a roof or plumbing leak

You discover mold in an area of your home

You are suspicious there is mold lurking somewhere in your home

Professional Testing

If you suspect you have a mold problem or have found mold growing in your home, you should hire a specialist to come in and perform a test. An indoor environmental specialist can take precise tests and make sure you get accurate results. Professionals know where mold is likely to be located in your home. If you or someone in your household is displaying systems, it could be beneficial for treatment to know what types of mold you are dealing with.

Once the mold is located, they can start removing it. Depending on how serious the problem, remediation may be quick or take several days. It is important to find the source of the mold and remedy any moisture problems that might support mold growth. An indoor environmental specialist in Scarsdale, NY can advise you are steps to take to prevent further issues. Visit for more information on mold.

Mold Damage Restoration and Remediation Tips

8/23/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Damage Restoration and Remediation Tips

Residential mold damage or commercial mold damage can occur due to water intrusion which triggers mold growth behind walls. Water intrusion can be either be as a result of leaking water line or roof leaks. A professional mitigation and restoration company can assist you to get rid of the mold growth behind walls of your home. Listed below are some of the tips which might help in case of an emergency concerning the fungus, mildew and mold growth such as the black mold and the dry rot.
? Call the emergency services
It is important that you ask for emergency services to help you in mold damage removal and restoration. This help can be gotten from a professional mold mitigation and restoration company. It's, therefore, crucial to give out all the information to the personnel. This to guide them on what procedures they might be required to undertake or the equipment to use. Every mildew and mold damage scenario is different from the other and needs special attention. For example, if the commercial damage or the mold in home is as a result of the fungus dry rot, the issue cannot be treated the same with that of the fungus black mold. The emergency tips are classified into two types; The Dos and the DONTs as follows;
? What to do in case of mold growth.
? Seal off all the areas where mold damage signs start to show. It is always advisable to do this only if you have an N-95 respirator which you can purchase from a home improvement shop. If you don't have this respirator, it is important that you wait for the mitigation and restoration company crew to do the mold removal. Dry rot fungus can be had to seal since it can pull water from wet areas to dry areas.
? Disinfect any reachable regions prone to human contact in the property. Such areas can include bathroom sinks, kitchen self and counters dining area and others. After that stay away from the affected area and wait for the mitigation and remediation company to arrive.
? If it is possible to access the HVAC vent in the mold growth affected area ensure you seal the vents or else wait for the mold cleanup crew to arrive. This is to make sure that the mold growth behind walls does not spread to adjacent rooms.
? Ensure that the mildew and mold cleanup process is done as soon as possible especially in cases of commercial mold damage. This helps in avoiding impairing your ability to produce income that can cover your overheads.
? What not to do in the event of mold in commercial or residential areas
? Do not apply any liquid on the mold affected areas as it might worsen the condition of the damage in case of mold in homes or business. The mold cleanup and mold removal process should only be carried out by trained staffs. The staff also help you remove the smelly odor and deodorization through fogging which you might not be able to do.
? Do not interfere with the affected areas such as the dry walls, paintings, floors, ceiling and any other items. Interfering with this items may expose materials like asbestos.The interference can also present the smelly odor and deodorization.
? If the mold removal services are delayed, do not use movers or fans to blow the smelly odor or the deodorization on the affected material as this might accelerate the growth of the mold colonies.
? Do not hesitate to call the mold remediation company since the mold in home can make the place uninhabitable if the mildew and mold cleanup and remediation process are delayed for a long time.
? Don’t touch or interfere with the mold since it produces spores into the air that can cause irritants. The smelly odors and deodorization fumes may also irritate.

From the emergency tips, it is clear that the black mold cleanup and remediation in the event of mold in home or the commercial mold damage can be best if left out to professional restoration company crew to handle. It requires specialized training and equipment to prevent the mold effect or the mold growth behind walls. Call professionals to assist with the mold removal process and get professional services to remove mold in home and prevention against commercial mold damage.
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MOLD removal in NY State for 10x10 square feet - It's a fungus among us and only a fungacide can kill mold in a Yonkers home or business 10704

5/2/2016 (Permalink)

Our trained technicians who respond to remove any mold will create containment, so the spores from this organic growth don't spread in your building

Remove any Mold & Mildew in your Home or Business for for health & safety, as of January 1, 2016 in NY State ~ Yonkers

This is why it’s important to remove and mitigate any mold in your house or your business, before someone has health issues -- according to:

The EPA has finally come out in 2016 and issued a federal statement that Mold can cause health issues because of the “spores” that it sends into the air and that humans may breath in. 

Mold is a fungus -- like those mushrooms under tree roots in the woods.  It is essentially the deterioration of organic matter and it's fine living outside.  But, it's better for humans, the Feds state, if we do not have mold living with us inside our home or business! 

If your structure has had a leak, has an ongoing dampness problem or was flooded by storm surge, you may be growing mold.  In some cases, your property insurance may cover mold growth, if it is the result of a "water damage," leak or mechanical failure with your sump pump, for example.  Call your insurance broker.

Dampness offers ideal conditions for mold to grow and feed off of organic materials – like drywall, wood or cloth. After water damage has occurred, mold can begin growing in as quickly as two days in a ripe, humid area in your affected home or business.

When you encounter mold, your ability to breathe properly should be your top concern. Mold can create health problems through those spores it releases into the air, to actually let other mold and organic growth to know that it “owns” this wall or floor area.

These health issues may cause breathing difficulties, allergic reactions, infections and other issues, according to the EPA.  This is especially true among children under 12 years old, the elderly and anyone who is immune suppressed (HIV/Aids patients or anyone who has had recent surgery or chemo therapy, etc.)  You may be required to evacuate the home or interior of the property, when the presence of mold becomes too much.

Any standing water should be removed and cleaned up as soon as you notice it. This eliminates the ideal growing conditions that allow for mold to grow and thrive in your property.  Dehumidification can only work, once any leak is patched or fixed and standing water is removed.

What Causes Mold?

Mold is likely growing in your home if you have moisture there. Many types of moisture problems can lead to mold growth. These include damp clothing, leaky pipes, roof leaks, a lack of ventilation, floods, water in the basement, and condensation.

You should always hire a company that has undergone extensive training and is certified in IICRC coursework – this is the national standard that originated in NY State and it’s the most trusted certification for mold removal.

Our IICRC training includes courses on how to:

  • Determine where water is coming from
  • Identify the presence of mold
  • Ensure mold does not spread any further
  • Remediate mold
  • Utilize thorough drying techniques to ensure mold does not continue to grow and impact your building
  • Restore property or advise on methods necessary to do so

You may need to bring in a Home Environmentalist, also known as an Industrial Hygenist, and have them conduct testing.  Only someone in a lab coat, who tests organic materials in a Petri dishe can determine the amount and type of mold.  The testing by an IEP or Home Environmentalist simply gathers the evidence and they send it to pros at a lab.

Then, with their clinical findings our restoration company now has "menu" for removing the mold and we can go to work, to best remove it / mitigate it. We do not test for mold because it is a conflict of interest.

Identifying the Mold

Mold has no set appearance and it can be any number of colors, including black, gray, white, green or pink molds.

One sure sign is visible identification of mold. But if the mold is unusual in color or size on a wall or floor, or in a closet, you might not even realize what you are seeing. Mold can grow in polka dots on walls and trim or will grow in a cluster.  It can grow in places you may not be able to see, for instance, inside your walls.

Determining the Presence of Mold

A IEP or tester – like Jim Rood at Lighthouse Environmental, or Mike at Family First Environmental in Westchester, NY can verify any:

  • Visible signs of mold
  • Musty odors
  • Humid conditions
  • Symptoms of a neurological nature, including dizziness and headaches
  • Signs of long-term dampness
  • Stained or discolored floors and walls
  • Peeled paint and bubbling wallpaper
  • Warped or buckled floors, walls and bowed trim or supports
  • Damp flooring and surfaces

Get your home or business dry and call in pros, who will be sure to spray fungicide for mold because bleach and over the counter cleansers do not kill or remove it.  Mold is a fungus and must be removed with a fungicide! Testing has shown that bleach does not kill or remove mold, it just lightens it and makes it dormant, until water or humidity returns -- like in our bathrooms.

Call us for an appointment to conduct a walk-through and Scope of Work in your home or business ~ 8a until 5p, Monday through Friday.

We look forward to working with and for you on your mold issue, by appointment, at a convenient time for your family or business.