SERVPRO of Scarsdale / Mount Vernon Employee Photos

Forrest Sheperd

Our fearless leader, the President / CEO of SERVPRO of Scarsdale... Forrest leads all three divisions of our independently owned company: Operations, Production and supervises Marketing. He is off the truck, except during events like January frozen pipes and Super storm Sandy, with Kevin Barry, Hillary and our whole team! Before SERVPRO, Forrest was a Director of Geographic Information Systems for a large D.C. area firm, after helping map the Mojave Desert with the U.S. Army team at Fort Edwards and work as an Assistant Professor. He has a couple of degrees in biology, including work in Wildlife Management and an M.A. from Purdue in Indiana. The Science of Drying can use an actual scientist or two, perhaps!

Hillary Sheperd

One of the owners and SERVPRO of Scarsdale's VP of Marketing / Community Affairs, Hillary is a road warrior. Like our Marketing team, she is usually driving to an event, a Chamber meeting, a Boys & Girl's Club event, or a community fundraiser -- like Relay for Life. With six towns to serve, from Scarsdale to Eastchester and Bronxville, there are a lot of groups, chambers and organizations to support and participate in, along with training our sales staff. Hillary’s background is with the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA as a Public Information Officer (disasters writer / communications), an on-air reporter for news and freelance executive producing for the Discovery Channel. Like Forrest, Hillary has a masters degree that she is not really using, but enjoys blogging and writing for our SERVPRO and construction business in Westchester County, NY.

Kevin Barry

Kevin is our Production / Operations Manager and Forrest's "Number 1." He is also a volunteer Fire Department Captain in Westchester and our brother. He trained in HVAC technician work, was an EMT on ambulances and then became a firefighter. He runs our crews along with Forrest and Operations/Admin teams.

Sara Sheperd

Sara "Mama" Sheperd is our Accounts Manager and comes in when she can for receivables and payables and just all around bookkeeping. She saves Forrest hours in the office each week, by tracking our gas receipts and expenses as well as our deposits and checks / royalties. We love her for this and many more reasons. She's among the best of us and was among the first women IT directors in the NYC area and the nation. She ran a COBAL and was even called about the "Y2K bug" in 1999, or the Commercial programming languages of the time, such as COBOL and RPG that would set our computerized year to -0-. She's amazing and raised six children in White Plains, NY, working full time!

Traci Burrows

Traci's background includes over 8 years of experience within the restoration and construction industry.  She heavily involved with commercial cleaning and service contracts.  In addition to her present role, she assists property owners prepare for storm damage year round.   She is an active volunteer with the United Way and her local fire department, Cortlandt Engine Company since 2014.  Previously, she has held leadership roles as Secretary for two professional organizations.  She has her A.S. in Paralegal Studies and her B.A. in Criminal Justice.  She has found her passion in the environmental/construction industry working in Westchester County, NY. 

2018 Staff Photo

Our team of professionals is truly one of a kind. No matter what obstacles we might be challenged with, we are always ready to serve our clients. If you ever have a disaster, you can rest assure that you will be taken care of!

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