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3 Topics To Review With Kids Before a Fire

7/28/2022 (Permalink)

Fire Damage in a home Plan for your family on what to do in case of a fire in your home breaks out

Kids Safety Tips

A top priority for parents in Scarsdale, NY is kids' safety. When developing emergency drills and plans, parents should remember these three often-overlooked concepts. They will especially help children be mentally and physically prepared for an emergency.

1. Visit a Firefighter in Full Gear

First, it is a terrific idea for children to visit a fire station in Scarsdale, NY, to see a firefighter in full gear before any emergency, especially a home fire. The basic uniform includes a coat, boots, pants, gloves, and a helmet. People may forget that a mask covers the firefighter’s face and his or her breathing device can sound more like Darth Vader. Children hopefully will feel less anxious if they’ve seen a firefighter’s apparatus before a true emergency.

2. Discuss Usage of the Fire Escape

The second item to discuss regarding kids' safety is how children actually use a fire escape if they are above the first level of a home or apartment. Children should practice unlatching and opening windows or doors nearby. They need to understand how to physically climb down the house or building. Every bedroom higher than the primary level should have a fire ladder. All family members should know where to find the ladders, how to set them up, and how to use them. This process can include pushing or kicking a screen to remove it.

3. Explain the Need To Attract Attention

In a truly desperate situation, family members should all understand it’s okay to break a window to get attention from firefighters below. If children have trouble opening a window, teach them how to break the glass in an emergency.

When it comes to fires and kids' safety, drills and discussions are crucial. As children grow and mature, their understanding will expand and actions and responses will vary in any emergency situation. Hence, it’s also important to regularly review and revise your plans for what to do in case of a fire and the necessary work afterward.

Tips for Filing a Renters Insurance Claim After a Fire

6/13/2022 (Permalink)

Kitchen fire in a home If you rent your home in Tuckahoe, NY, you need renters insurance to cover expenses in case of a fire or another covered peril.

After a Fire, Here Are Some Tips for Filing a Renters Insurance Claim

If you rent your home in Tuckahoe, NY, you need renters insurance to cover expenses in case of a fire or another covered peril. Most tenants don't know how far those benefits reach, though. When filing your claim after a fire, be sure to include the following costs, if applicable to your circumstances.

Fire Damage to Belongings

One document you should prepare before you file your claim is an itemized list of belongings damaged by the fire and how much it costs to replace them. Your policy should cover all your personal property:

  • Furniture
  • Electronics
  • Clothing
  • Food
  • Valuables

You may be surprised how many items fire restoration experts can repair. If they cannot be fixed, however, your provider should recoup the replacement cost rather than the depreciated value of the items.

Limited Liability

A fire can break out in your apartment due to your negligence. If this happens, the liability clause in your renters' insurance policy is likely to come into play. This protects you in the event that a third party has damages due to anything you did that led to the fire.

Medical Expenses

Even if you do everything right, it is still possible that someone can get injured when fleeing the burning building. Most policies for renters can cover medical expenses to a certain extent. Check with your agent to see how much coverage an injured party can get.

Temporary Relocation

If there is a lot of damage to the structure of the rental property, it may take some time to repair. You will probably have to live somewhere else while it is mitigated. Your policy should cover the cost of the hotel room or other temporary accommodations. 
You may not know a lot about your renters' insurance policy until you need to file a claim. Chances are good that it covers more than you expect.

3 Tips To Prevent a Dryer Fire

4/25/2022 (Permalink)

dryer lint filter has been cleaned to prevent fires Make sure that birds, insects, or other animals do not build nests that could obstruct the exhaust vent. A clogged vent could lead to a lint fire.

Three Ways To Avoid A Dryer Fire

If you’re like most people in Yonkers, NY, you probably use your clothes dryer at least a few times per week, but when was the last time you cleaned out your dryer’s exhaust vent? According to the U.S. Fire Administration, clothes dryers cause approximately 2,900 home fires each year. The top cause of those fires is excessive lint buildup due to inadequate cleaning. Follow these tips to keep your dryer in good condition and reduce your risk of a lint fire.

1. Keep Up With Regular Dryer Maintenance

Make sure to clean your dryer’s lint filter every time you use the dryer. Every three months or so, remove any built-up lint from the back of the dryer and clean out any that has accumulated in the vent pipe. Twice a year, brush the filter thoroughly with a nylon brush to remove difficult lint fibers.

2. Remember To Check Your Outside Dryer Exhaust Vent

Nearly all dryers are required to vent to the outside of your house. Keep a cover on the outside vent opening to keep dirt and rain from entering the vent. Check the cover occasionally to be sure it opens fully when the dryer is running. Make sure that birds, insects, or other animals do not build nests that could obstruct the exhaust vent. A clogged vent could lead to a lint fire.

3. Call a Professional if Problems Arise

If you discover any unusual sounds or smells coming from your dryer or notice that your clothes are taking longer than usual to get dry, don’t wait for an inconvenience to develop into a major problem — or a dryer fire. Call a repair person who is licensed to work on your model of dryer. The cost to repair your dryer correctly will almost certainly be less than the fire cleanup costs after a home fire caused by a malfunctioning dryer.

Following these tips requires a small investment of time and energy. However, preventing a lint fire from destroying your home is well worth the extra effort.

3 Common Causes of a Lint Fire in Your Dryer

3/7/2022 (Permalink)

Hand cleaning accumulated clothing lint from trap in clothes dryer. Contact your local fire damage restoration service if there has been a fire in your home due to lint. Contact SERVPRO, we are ready to help you!

The 3 Most Common Causes Of A Dryer Lint Fire

Homeowners in Mount Vernon, NY, whose dryers are no longer functioning, should think twice before purchasing a new appliance. Lint buildup is a common cause of a malfunctioning dryer. It is also a lint fire hazard that may go unnoticed for years. Lint can accumulate in places where it is hard to spot, such as:

  • Dryer vents
  • Inside the dryer
  • Behind the dryer

Lint is made up of small thread particles, such as wool or cotton, that easily combust. These three common causes of a dryer fire should be prevented.

1. Failure to Maintain the Dryer Vent

Experts recommend that you service your dryer at least once a year to prevent a lint fire. Fluff and fuzz can fill the exhaust hose and dryer vent. An appliance that no longer dries your clothes is a sign that the vent is clogged. When the lint has no exit, it will eventually fill the vent until it has no other escape except into your home.

2. Lint Inside the Dryer

You should clean your lint filter before and after each use of your dryer. Lint is visible on the filter but can hide inside of the dryer as well. When you remove the filter, peer inside of the housing to make sure no fluff is left behind. If you see buildup inside of the filter housing, clean it thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner to prevent a dryer fire.

3. Lint Behind the Dryer

Lint hidden behind the dryer is a sign that the vent needs to be cleaned. Any spark near the lint can cause a house fire. To prevent this, clean behind your dryer regularly to keep lint buildup at a minimum. Then, contact a professional to service your dryer annually.

Contact your local fire damage restoration service if there has been a fire in your home due to lint. Taking preventative measures, such as yearly dryer maintenance, will keep your house safe from a lint fire.

3 Types of Fire Extinguishers You Should Consider Buying for Your Home.

12/7/2021 (Permalink)

different types of fire extinguishers. To verify the type of home fire an extinguisher is designed to battle, you should carefully inspect the label.

Three Different Types Of Fire Extinguishers To Consider Purchasing For Your Home.

Every home in Yonkers, NY, is potentially susceptible to fire damage. A fire extinguisher is a valuable fire preparedness tool that can enable you to quickly extinguish a blaze, helping to minimize both destruction and subsequent cleanup and restoration needs. For this reason, you should purchase at least one device for your residence, preferably more if you own a multistory dwelling. Although there are numerous extinguisher types, one of the following options makes a suitable choice for most homes.

1. Class A

A Class A device contains air-pressurized water. It’s suitable for use on fires involving ordinary combustibles, such as paper, cloth, rubber and wood. As a result, this extinguisher may be useful in a variety of areas inside your residence.

2. Class B

A Class B unit contains pressurized carbon dioxide, which can help extinguish a home fire by displacing critical oxygen. This category helps douse flames ignited by grease, oil, gasoline and other flammable liquids. You may want to have this fire extinguisher readily accessible in your kitchen or garage, two of the most common places where you may store or utilize flammable fluids.

3. Multipurpose

Because there may be a variety of potentially combustible items inside your residence, you may wish to purchase a multipurpose device that can extinguish a variety of blazes. These devices utilize a fire-retardant powder to help smother flames.

In addition to paper, wood and liquids, a multipurpose extinguisher may also be useful in the event of an electrical fire. To verify the type of home fire an extinguisher is designed to battle, carefully inspect the label.

Because an inferno can erupt unexpectedly, it’s important to be prepared. Having at least one fire extinguisher accessible in case of an emergency is a wise decision. Understanding the different types of devices available can help every homeowner choose the most suitable option to meet their needs and preserve their safety.

What You Should Know About Beeping Fire Alarms

12/6/2021 (Permalink)

smoke detector with white smoke and red warning light It’s often common for a smoke detector to beep if something needs to be changed.

Beeping Fire Alarms: What You Should Know.

A fire alarm is a useful item to have in your home in Scarsdale, NY and can help alert you in case of a fire. However, hearing constant beeping or chirping noises can quickly become frustrating. With a solid understanding of your alarm, you are more likely to know how to react if your alarm won’t stop beeping.

Why Is My Alarm Beeping?

A smoke detector going off is not always an indicator of danger or smoke damage, especially when the detector is making a chirping noise. The following could cause your alarm to beep:

  • Dirt and dust may have caused buildup and the alarm needs to be cleaned
  • Batteries need to be replaced
  • The alarm may be faulty

How Often Should You Change Your Smoke Detector?

It’s often common for a smoke detector to beep if something needs to be changed. Tips on maintaining your fire alarm include:

  • Change batteries yearly
  • Test the function of your alarm frequently
  • Replace the smoke alarm at least once every ten years

How Can You Stop the Beeping?

If you are unsure what is causing the chirping noise from your alarm, it’s often best to try several methods to fix common issues. The following can often stop an alarm from continuously beeping:

  • Replace the batteries
  • Clean the alarm
  • Reset the alarm

If none of the above techniques work to quiet your alarm, consider replacing the alarm. Often, there will be a date on your alarm noting the year it was made, and if ten years or more have passed since this date, it’s likely that you need to replace the alarm entirely.

Having a thorough understanding of how your fire alarm functions can help you put a stop to chirping noises and can keep you safe in case of an emergency. If your home has been damaged by a fire, consider contacting fire damage restoration experts.

3 Keys to a Successful Fire Escape Plan

9/21/2021 (Permalink)

A ceiling of a home ruined by fire damage SERVPRO of Scarsdale/Mount Vernon has a certified team to perform fire and smoke restoration, call us!

Three Important Factors To Consider When Creating A Fire Escape Plan

Home fires in Tuckahoe, NY can be dangerous and frightening. When fire strikes, the most important thing can be that you get away from danger as soon as possible. Creating a fire escape plan can give you some peace of mind by putting everyone in your household on the same page about exactly what to do during a fire.

1. Planning

One of the most important elements of a successful plan can be attention to detail. A few of the key factors to consider when creating a fire escape plan can include:

  • Locations of doors and windows
  • Smoke detectors that are in working condition
  • Places to meet outside your home

It can be best if you have two different escape routes from every room. You should decide on a meeting place where everyone can gather after evacuating.

2. Communication

Once you have formed your emergency escape plan, the next most important task can be to make sure everyone in your family understands exactly what to do. If a fire strikes, there may not be time for everyone to find each other right away. If everyone knows the plan, they can better focus on personal safety and reaching the meeting point to find everyone else.

3. Practice

Once you have a good plan in place that everyone understands, you should take some time to practice and review it. Fires can cause a lot of confusion, and the more familiar everyone is with what to do, the more prepared and calm you can be in the face of an emergency. Practicing your fire escape plan a few times and reviewing it often can both be worth it if it keeps your family safe.

Fires can be devastating, but by creating a good plan and working with your family members to understand and practice it, you can feel much safer. Property and possessions can always be replaced, it’s your safety that matters most. Once you know everybody is safe, you can be better prepared to handle fire restoration.

When Should I Clean My Dryer Vent?

7/23/2021 (Permalink)

A person cleaning a lint trap. To prevent lint fire damage caused by overheated combustible lint, the dryer venting system should be regularly inspected

When Should My Dryer Vent Be Cleaned?

When you clean the lint trap of your dryer after a load of laundry, you are removing pieces of the fabric that was just dried. As the clothing tosses to-and-fro within the drum, small bits of fabric often rub off because of the friction created when the materials brush against one another. Some of the bits of fabric often slip through the lint trap and can collect in the dryer exhaust tubing. Over time, the fluff can build up and become a hazard because a lint fire can start using the highly-combustible fabric bits and the tiniest of sparks.

Fire Prevention

To prevent lint fire damage caused by overheated combustible lint, the dryer venting system should be regularly inspected. Although it is often difficult to know when to clean the vent, here are some helpful hints that can act as red flags:

Airflow does not move easily through the tubing.
Vent hoses have kinks or holes.
An abnormal amount of lint begins to accumulate in the lint trap.
Dryer vent has not been cleaned in over a year.

Another sign that your vent may need cleaning is if the time it takes to dry your clothing changes significantly or if the body of the dryer becomes excessively hot. When the heat becomes extreme, the chances of a fire can grow. That is why dryer obstructions, even minor issues, can cause serious problems and possibly lead to a dryer fire.

Fire Cleanup

If a fire does break out in your laundry room, contact a fire damage restoration team. Not only can the professionals inspect the fire-damaged area, but they can also remove the water, smoke, and soot within the room. Once cleaning has been completed, the team can also help remove the smoke odor that can linger long after the fire-damaged area has been restored. A lint fire does not have to leave your home in Secor Gardens, NY in shambles; a team of experts can quickly restore the area.

3 Things to Keep in Mind While Creating a Fire Escape Plan

7/13/2021 (Permalink)

Map of a house and escape routes Make your escape plan as effective as possible.

How Do You Make an Escape Plan?

According to the American Red Cross, creating a fire escape plan is one of the best ways to prevent serious injury or even death in your home if and when a fire happens to break out. However, not just any old emergency escape plan is going to get the job done. Ideally, a good fire escape plan should:

  • Take into account family pets and young and disabled family members who need assistance
  • Include multiple exit routes
  • Highlight what needs to be done after the fire is extinguished

By taking these issues into consideration during the beginning stages of planning, you can make your escape plan as effective as possible.


Members of your family such as toddlers, the elderly, and pets will likely need assistance with getting out of the house if a blaze starts. Therefore, when you create your fire escape plan, appoint someone who is able-bodied to assist these individuals. Each appointed person should only be responsible for one other individual or pet.

Choosing Routes

The last thing you want is to have the exit you indicated in your emergency escape plan to be blocked off, ruining the plan and leaving you and your family fumbling for alternatives. Rather than risk that happening, make use of your home’s other exits, such as windows, back doors and more during your escape plan. Running drills using these exits is always advisable.


Making it out of your house in one piece is the main point, but there are a few steps you’ll need to take after you make it safely outdoors. First, call 911 emergency services. Then, get in touch with your family and friends to notify them that you’re safe. Next, get any people or pets who’ve been injured to medical care right away. Stay out of your home, reach out to your insurance company, and get in touch with a fire cleanup crew in Fleetwood, NY ASAP.

Following Red Cross endorsed steps can keep your family safer and get your home back to normal sooner. Be sure to put these tips to good use.

How To Maintain Your Home’s Furnace

3/22/2021 (Permalink)

Home furnace air filter replacement The furnace filter should be changed every couple of months.

Routine Maintenance Steps

If you have problems with your furnace in Scarsdale, NY, you are probably worried about needing a whole new heating system. A faulty furnace can cause a fire, however, and fire cleaning procedures can be even more expensive than the cost of a new furnace. The good news is that there are some routine maintenance steps you can perform at home to reduce the risk of your furnace malfunctioning.

1. Check the Burner Flames
Before you begin, turn off the electric power switch and remove the chamber door. Then turn the power back on and turn up the thermostat to activate the flames. Burner flames should be blue and even. If the flames are yellow, this indicates the burners are dirty.

2. Clean the Burners
Turn off the power again and then shut the gas off. Vacuum the burners and clean the base of the furnace as well. Check for soot and clean up any black powder to reduce the likelihood of needing a fire cleaning down the road. The blower door should also be removed to clean the blower compartment.

3. Remove and Clean the Blower
Remove the blower and carefully clean the blades with a small brush or handheld vacuum, making sure not to disturb the counterweights on the blades of the fan. A well-maintained fan also reduces the need for smoke cleaning in the event of a fire.

4. Change the Furnace Filter
The furnace filter should be changed every couple of months. Inexpensive fiberglass filters are usually sufficient in protecting both the blower motor and the blower. Consult your owner’s manual if you have questions about the type of filters recommended for your furnace.
Schedule an annual furnace maintenance checkup with a professional in addition to these DIY tips. It is also essential to call a fire restoration service if you ever experience a furnace fire.
Avoid the need for a fire cleaning by keeping your furnace well-maintained.

Tips on Proper Fire Alarm Management

12/16/2020 (Permalink)

Smoke alarm Batteries in most smoke alarms last up to 10 years

Tips on Proper Fire Alarm Management

The word has probably gotten out that a smoke alarm in your home in Scarsdale, NY, is an excellent idea. It will quickly alert you to the presence of a fire, and it will go a long way to minimizing the effects of a fire, allowing for increased fire safety and a rapid response. Still, there are a number of things you can do to get the most out of your alarm system, whether you are using a regular alarm or have gone high tech with a smart system.

House Coverage and Batteries
To limit your exposure to fire damage, it is important to make sure your home has adequate coverage. Most homes should have at least five devices throughout the home, and a large home should have more. The devices should be placed strategically throughout the home:

  • One in each bedroom
  • One on each floor
  • One near the kitchen
  • One in any room that is particularly distant

It is also important to test the devices now and then. This is to ensure that the fire alarm will actually sound when it detects smoke. The batteries in most devices last up to 10 years, so you should change the batteries or buy a new smoke detector on this schedule. A non-working device does not do anyone any good.

Fire Response and Follow Through
When a fire alarm does sound in your home, it is important to act quickly and get everyone out of the home. A 911 call should be made to the local authorities as soon as possible. After the fire is stopped, your next step should be to call in fire remediation experts. SERVPRO professionals are Here to Help, and they will arrive quickly whether it is after midnight or on a weekend or holiday. They will work to restore your home. Fire detection management and the fast response of professionals is a solid recipe for dealing with fires.

Types of Water Damage After a Fire

10/26/2020 (Permalink)

Black mold growth on drywall Invisible mold spores can penetrate the air and a musty odor indicates their presence

Ways Water Can Damage Your Business 

If a fire accidentally breaks out at your business in Tuckahoe, NY, water cleanup may not immediately occur to you. Your immediate concerns will focus on the following:

  • Safety of your staff
  • Evacuation of the premises
  • Extinguishing of the flames
  • Damage to your property

Although smoke cleanup is necessary, most people don't realize that a significant part of the fire cleanup work performed by restoration professionals is due to the water used to extinguish flames. These are some ways water can damage your business.

Mold Spores in the Air
It is critical to extract as much water as possible from the environment after a fire. Restoration services can employ rigorous water vacuuming methods to remove moisture before mold can develop. Invisible mold spores can penetrate the air and a musty odor indicates their presence. Air filtration devices using charcoal lined HEPA filters can remove mold particles and restore pure air.

Water-Soaked Documents
When valuable documents are water-drenched, it may be possible to salvage them. Although some damage is irreversible, vacuum freeze-drying is an effective procedure that prevents additional water damage freezing the document and removing the water in the form of vapor. This method can helps to retain the structural integrity of the paper's fibers.

Flooded Electronics
Water-drenched electronics require prompt attention but may not be reparable. Corrosion prevention is a primary concern. Trained technicians will dry the outer case of the equipment and perform delicate procedures to dry the interior parts. Water cleanup for electronics is often unsuccessful

Wet Drywall
Drywall frequently absorbs much of the water emitted from a fire hose. Wet drywall is a breeding ground for mold and must often be cut out and replaced. Mold remediation specialists can remove and patch section of moldy drywall before mold spores migrate deeper into a wall.
One of the most labor-intensive aspects of dealing with the aftermath of a fire is the water cleanup. Experienced fire restoration professionals in Tuckahoe, NY, are available to help.

How to Safely Clean an Outdoor Grill

9/17/2020 (Permalink)

Grilling salmon on a gas burning grill on the backyard patio. Outdoor grill in Mount Vernon, NY

How To Clean an Outdoor Grill

There's nothing quite like gathering your friends and family for a few char-grilled burgers, steaks, hot dogs, or whatever else you like to cook. After you're done cooking, it's important that you follow the proper grill cleaning and maintenance steps in order to reduce your risk of a grease fire. Use this checklist next time you use your backyard grill in Mount Vernon, NY.

1. Turn Off and Disassemble the Grill.
Before you start your grill cleaning, you need to turn it off. Turn all the dials to the off position and disconnect the propane tank. Next, put on some heatproof gloves to remove the grate and the plates underneath. Set these off to the side in a bucket full of hot, soapy water.

2. Scrub the Grill Itself.
Cover the burners loosely with a piece of foil to protect them during this process. Use your grill brush to scrub the underside of the grill's hood and inside walls. Don't worry you appear to see paint chipping off; this is merely grease and carbon smoke buildup. When you finish, wipe down the grill walls with a damp paper towel.

3. Empty the Drip Pan and Dry the Grill Elements.
Take out the drip pan and empty the contents into a trash can before placing it in the bucket with the grate. Let it soak for a few minutes before taking everything out of the bucket. Lean everything that was in the bucket against a wall and hose it down.

4. Reassemble the Grill.
Remove the protective foil and replace the elements that you just hosed down. Reconnect the propane tank. Finish by wiping down the grill's exterior with a stainless steel wipe.
Backyard grilling is a great summertime family activity, but you still need to prioritize safety while you do it. Proper grill cleaning and maintenance can greatly reduce your risk of falling victim to a grease fire. Contact fire remediation experts if your home does fall victim to a grill-related fire, or you would like more grill maintenance tips.

Eradicating Smoke Damage

7/2/2020 (Permalink)

Technician removing smoke from ceiling Smoke cleanup in Mount Vernon, NY

Whether your building in Mount Vernon, NY, had fire damage or smoke damage has seeped over from an adjoining building, the smoke and soot left behind have lingering effects. Even a small fire that creates minimal fire damage can leave behind extensive soot damage and a strong odor.

The Smoke Challenge

Unlike soot or fire damage, smoke damage isn’t always visible. Even if you think you have cleaned up the mess, the smell can stick around for a long time. There are a number of reasons that it can be sometimes overwhelming or sometimes minimal.

Air Movement During Fire – The temperature of a fire can determine the strength of the smoke’s presence. Since warm air rises, hot fire with strong air currents means residue rising to the ceiling. That can lead to penetrating walls, windows, and ductwork.
Enclosed Spaces – Although every business is different, there is a good chance that there are enclosed areas with equipment, furniture, and other items easily damaged by smoke. Without airflow, those areas will be more saturated than others.
Ionization – The particles in smoke are ionized, which means they are attracted to specific surfaces, including ceiling nails, room or building corners, and synthetic materials.

Professional Cleaning
While the smell is obvious, the smoke cleaning process may be something a business owner has never had to deal with before. Instead of dealing with lingering odors and unpleasant environment, contact a fire and smoke damage restoration specialist. These certified professionals have the tools, techniques, and expertise to eradicate the smell. Depending on the situation, they will use air movers, air scrubbers, or dehumidifiers to clean the air, as well as the proper cleaning solution to remove residue and invisible damage from the structure. There are also cleaning services for belongings, such as furniture, artwork, electronics, and much more.
Ensuring your business or property has a pleasant environment is important. Instead of dealing with unwanted lingers, get help to make it “Like it Never Even Happened.”

3 Practices That Reduce Your Home Fire Risk

6/9/2020 (Permalink)

Smoke detector of fire alarm in action Smoke alarms are successful at warning residents that smoke is present in their home

Emergency services respond to more than 300 thousand home fires each year. The actual number of home fires is higher, but many of them were extinguished by the homeowner. Fire preparation is what creates the distance between the two categories. This discussion of the three aspects of fire readiness may help you protect your Eastchester, NY, home from serious property damage.


Fire prevention measures can help reduce your risk of property damage. These preventive measures may reduce the number of potential fire sources in your home.

Maintenance – Annual clearing of heat and dryer vents can help prevent fires from sparking due to the presence of bird’s nests or lint buildup.
Inspections – Over time, natural-gas lines can develop small leaks, causing a fire risk. Part of fire preparation is having your gas-line connections inspected annually.
Common Sense – Human carelessness causes unnecessary fires. When operating anything with a heating element, such as a space heater, candle or cigarette, it is important that you not leave the item unattended.

Preventive measures reduce risk. The ability to detect fires in the early stages is another way to protect your household from significant damage.

Early Detection
Smoke alarms are successful at warning residents that smoke is present in their home. Residential building codes require them because they are at the center of home fire preparation, and they save countless lives and homes. It’s important to change the batteries in your alarms every 6 months. Well-functioning smoke alarms are the pillar of any approach to fire safety.

Involving your household in fire-response activities enables you to practice working as a team. In an emergency, it’s important to stay focused and work together to call emergency services and either extinguish the fire or evacuate. Fire drills will help your family be ready to perform assigned tasks and stay safe. Your local fire remediation service will generally provide you with pertinent literature or offer in-home training.
Choosing to proactively engage in fire-safety measures can reduce your risk of a home fire significantly. A plan that encompasses prevention, early detection, and participation could mean the difference between a little smoke damage and a devastating loss.

Steps of the Fire Cleanup Process

2/28/2020 (Permalink)

Professional performing fire restoration in a home It's important to know what is going on with your home remediation

Steps of the Fire Cleanup Process

When your home in Eastchester, NY, catches fire, you expect that there will be a lot of fire damage. You may not be prepared for the true extent of the damage that fire restoration experts will need to clean up in your home, though. Many homeowners overlook the residual effects of dealing with the fire. Knowing these steps can help you be better prepared.

1. Assessment
The first thing the technicians will do is assess the damage to your property. This includes both fire and water damage. It takes a lot of water to put out a fire, and that water bursts out of the fire hose and seeps into your structure and belongings. Experts look at the whole problem so they can give you a clear estimate of the timeline and cost of remediation.

2. Water Removal
If there is a lot of standing water in your home, the first thing technicians have to do is pump it out. Once the water is removed, they can move on to the fire damage.

3. Tear-Out
Any of your belongings that were affected by the fire must be removed and either cleaned or discarded. Likewise, any part of the structure that is destroyed has to be torn out. This includes not only walls but also ceiling tiles, flooring, and vents.

4. Cleaning
Once the bare bones of the structure are left, technicians go to work cleaning what remains. They use industrial cleaners and special equipment to remove bacteria, soot, smoke, and grime. They also have to make sure that the entire area is dried thoroughly to prevent secondary damage.

5. Rebuilding
The last step of the process is restoration. Specialists can replace the missing drywall or flooring and make it match what they were able to salvage. That way, your home looks "Like it never even happened."  
It's important to know what is going on with your home remediation. There is more to fire damage cleanup than just replacing the charred portions of your home. Technicians must account for water cleanup and the restoration process as well.

What To Do When You Smell Gas

2/4/2020 (Permalink)

Hand holding a cigarette Avoid smoking!

So, If You Smell Natural Gas, What Should You Do?

Each year in Tuckahoe, NY, homes are damaged and people seriously injured as a result of a gas fire or gas explosion. Often, the resulting structural damage requires the services of a professional fire restoration company. Many of these disasters could have been avoided had quick action been taken. 

1. Avoid Flame

This may seem obvious, but it's important to avoid flame until you know what's going on. Never use a match to light a candle or smoke a cigarette!

2. Avoid Making a Spark

If you smell gas, lights should stay off to avoid a spark that might cause a gas fire or explosion. Always have a flashlight on hand and within easy reach. Also, avoid operating any motorized equipment that might result in a spark.

3. Look for the Source

If you have a gas stove, look to see if someone has left one of the burners or the oven on without the flame being lit. If it's not the stove, listen for a hissing noise along the gas lines. Check behind any gas appliances such as dryers or water heaters.

3. Create Ventilation

If the windows are closed in your house, open as many as you can immediately. Open all the doors as well. This will help dissipate any gas trapped in the house and get it outside.

4. Locate the Gas Meter

It's important to know the location of your gas meter so that you can act in the event of a gas leak. If you're smelling gas, get a wrench and turn the valve on the meter from on to off.

5. Leave the House

If you haven't identified the leak and stopped it, and are smelling gas or hearing a hissing noise, get out of the house immediately and get to a safe location, such as across the street. Then call the gas company or 911.

It's important to act quickly if you smell a leak. By taking the steps outlined above, you can easily avoid a gas fire or explosion.

Smart Fire Detectors

2/4/2020 (Permalink)

a smoke detector Although budget-friendly options exist, most smart smoke detectors are significantly more expensive than traditional units.

Smart home features such as thermostats and doorbells are becoming increasingly popular. Some homeowners in Bronxville, NY, may also utilize a smart smoke alarm. Although these interactive devices offer numerous convenient and appealing features, it’s important to carefully evaluate your options to ensure a smart smoke detector is the right choice for your home.

Interactive Features

In decades past, a detector that could sense both smoke and carbon monoxide was considered advanced. Today’s smart detectors can interact with other home devices and offer a variety of technological features, such as the following:

  • Ability to transmit an alert to your mobile device if the alarm is triggered
  • Smart touch button allowing you to quickly deactivate false alarms
  • Included nightlight or motion-activated lighting

Each of these capabilities provides useful benefits. However, there are two important considerations that you can assess before purchasing your next smoke alarm.

Cost Comparison

You may want to decide what features are most important to you and complete research on available devices before finalizing your purchase to help ensure you obtain the ideal detector for your home and budget.

Compatibility Issues

Not every smart detector may be compatible with every interactive interface. Consider carefully reviewing the details of your desired detector to ensure it’s compatible with your home’s current smart system.

Ensuring Safety

Like a traditional detector, a smart smoke alarm is designed to be an effective fire safety device that may help your family evade a potentially destructive fire. Technological advances have expanded fire alarm capacities, enhancing alert capabilities and the unit’s overall effectiveness. Remote alerts can, for example, warn you of a fire when you are away, helping you quickly request emergency assistance and potentially minimize fire damage and restoration needs. Because of its enhanced usefulness and interactive abilities, a smart smoke detector may be an ideal choice for many homes in Bronxville, NY.

The Main Stages of a Home Fire

11/24/2019 (Permalink)

A living room with water and smoke damage on furniture Fire and water damage in a Yonkers, NY home

There are three stages to every home fire. The first stage is before a fire, where preparation has the potential to avoid a fire or at least reduce its severity. The second stage is during the fire, where safety and calling the fire department take on special urgency. The third stage focuses on what to do after the fire, with an emphasis on professional fire restoration. Working with an experienced fire remediation team in Yonkers, NY, makes everything run smoother. Contacting a company that is Faster to any size disaster gives you an opportunity to reduce property losses and to prepare to file an insurance claim.

The Keys to Fire Restoration

Cleaning up after a fire demands highly-trained personnel to do the job right. The restoration process includes the following steps:

  • An inspection to determine the extent of fire damage
  • A securing of the home with board up services, if needed
  • Water removal and drying, if needed
  • Smoke cleaning and soot removal
  • Content cleaning
  • Thorough cleaning and sanitizing

It's important to take care of fire insurance at this time. An inventory of damages will speed up this process.

The Need for Speed

A rapid cleanup is important for several reasons. First, it allows you to get back in your home quicker and resume your life. Second, a thorough water removal prevents the conditions for mold growth, which can start to appear in as little as 48-72 hours in a humid or moist environment. Finally, the quicker the instability of the home is addressed, the safer the space will be for everyone.
With the right company in Yonkers, NY, the fire restoration should proceed in an organized manner. Contact your insurance agent to go over your coverage. Consult with the remediation professionals before attempting any repairs on your own. They can alert you to safety concerns such as avoiding electrical wires and consuming food that may have fire damage.

Preparing an Escape Plan for Your Home

10/13/2019 (Permalink)

Mailbox There should be an area outside of the home that every member should meet in the event of a fire

When fire breaks out in your Bronxville, NY home, you and your family likely only have a few minutes to escape safely. Extreme heat, suffocating and blinding smoke, and deadly flames can make escape nearly impossible. When children or those with limited mobility are involved, able-bodied members of the family will want to help, putting everyone in danger. One of the best ways to keep your family safe is to create a comprehensive fire escape plan.

Elements of a Comprehensive Escape Plan

Simply put, an emergency escape plan could mean the difference between life and death for members of the household. Take the time to thoroughly plan and practice your fire escape plan using the following steps:

  • Inspect the home for escape routes – The entire family should work together to identify at least two ways to escape every room in the home
  • Check doors and windows – Make sure every member of your home can easily open any door and window in the home, and ensure regular maintenance of any windows that are prone to getting stuck
  • Draw a map – Every member of the home should memorize their copies of the emergency plan, which clearly outlines escape routes from every room
  • Choose a meeting spot – There should be an area outside of the home that every member should meet in the event of a fire
  • Conduct fire drills – Much like school or the workplace, regular fire drills can help ensure everyone knows what to during an emergency

Additional Tips

Young children and those with limited mobility will likely need help escaping a fire. Assign an able-bodied adult to one of these individuals and practice helping them evacuate. Inspect your home to ensure you have fire alarms in every room in the house, plus one on every floor of the home. Finally, ensure you have emergency contact information and a plan in place to begin the fire cleanup and restoration process after the fire. By creating a strong fire escape plan, you are giving yourself and your family the best chance at surviving a fire if disaster strikes.

3 Tips About Smoke Detectors for a Homeowner

7/16/2019 (Permalink)

Conducting a home fire drill may be helpful

Three Tips About Smoke Detectors

Most people understand that a smoke alarm is an important device to have at a residence in Fleetwood, NY. It’s well-known that smoke detectors can save lives and knowing where to install them and how often they should be tested is critical. Here are three tips for a homeowner to keep in mind about smoke detectors to help ensure that they’re working properly and protecting everyone at home.

1. Install Multiple Smoke Detectors

It is essential to install multiple smoke detectors in a residence. According to the National Fire Protection Association, a smoke detector should be installed in every sleeping room of a home, as well as outside of the bedrooms and on each floor of a residence. It may be beneficial for homeowners to walk through their residence and check to be sure that the proper number of smoke alarms are installed.
Remember that where the sensor is located can directly affect the chances of it working correctly in the event of an emergency. Therefore, it is important to place smoke sensors away from windows or areas that are drafty in the home, which could cause the device to work incorrectly. Additionally, putting an alarm far enough away from kitchen appliances to avoid improper activation is also necessary.

2. Test Smoke Alarms Once per Month and Replace Batteries as Needed

A smoke alarm should be tested at least once per month to check that it’s working properly. If the device emits a “chirping” noise to indicate a low battery, it’s vital to replace the battery as soon as possible.

3. Conduct Fire Drills and Have an Evacuation Plan

In addition to testing a smoke alarm on a regular basis, conducting home fire drills and coming up with an emergency plan may be helpful. Having (and testing) an evacuation plan can prepare family members for what to do if a fire starts.
Fire damage can be restored by professionals who are Here to Help. However, lives cannot be replaced, and smoke detectors that are functioning properly can help prevent the spread of a blaze and save lives.

Dealing With Fire Damage

6/24/2019 (Permalink)

Smoke and soot damage in a Mount Vernon, NY property

Fire damage can seem scary, and that reputation is well-deserved. If you understand the repercussions and prepare accordingly, you can make it much easier on yourself should a fire occur on your property in Mount Vernon, NY. There's no need to panic if you have a plan.

What To Expect

Unfortunately, fires can cause more than just plain fire damage, which is sometimes forgotten. Part of what makes them so destructive is their variability and the side effects they produce. Some common additional forms of damage are:

  • smoke and soot damage
  • water damage
  • damage from fire suppression materials, such as foam, powder and pressurized hoses
  • heat damage, primarily the melting of materials

Collateral Costs

On top of the damage itself, there are more logistics and costs to consider after the flames are put out. You will probably want to find temporary storage for the unharmed contents of your building until the repairs are finished. You may even consider looking for a space to conduct business in the meantime. Your insurance adjuster may also require an inventory and evaluation of all items damaged.

Orchestrating the Process

You could run around attempting to find a service or professional to address every separate issue mentioned above. However, it is usually much more efficient to find a one-stop fire mitigation service. These types of services understand everything you will need done and it can be much less confusing if you only have to keep track of one contact. This will also ensure that these processes are coordinated and completed in the correct order.
The concept of fire damage may seem simple at first, but is actually a problem containing many layers. To make sure that everything is done right and nothing is overlooked, hiring a company that can provide every service necessary in the aftermath of the fire is key. Consider choosing one that is right for you before you actually need them!

When To Replace Your Smoke Alarm

5/15/2019 (Permalink)

Replace alarms every 10 years

Is Your Home at Risk of Fire Damage?

If you are great at keeping up with home maintenance, including cleaning out the flex hose behind your dryer, then you've probably reduced the risk of fire. However, you may still be doing one the three things that are most likely to cause a fire in your home:

  • Smoking
  • Heating your home
  • Cooking

Speaking of that hose behind the dryer, if you don't keep that clean, the build up of lint could ignite and cause a fire. Once you realize the potential for something sparking flames or smoldering into a blaze, the more important a smoke alarm becomes.

Replace Alarms Every 10 Years

The steps for replacing old alarms are easy:

  • Remove the device from the wall or ceiling.
  • Read the date of manufacture.
  • If it has been 10 years or more, replace the alarm.
  • If not, put the device back for a couple of years.

If you don't have a smoke alarm in your home, determine how many you need and install them. You can write your purchase date on the front of the alarm to save yourself a step or two, if you'd like.

Every Bedroom, Every Level

How many alarms do you need to protect your home from fire damage? The U.S. Fire Administration recommends one alarm inside every one of the bedrooms of your home, one in the hall outside of bedrooms, and an alarm on every level of the home, including the basement. Contact a local fire damage cleanup company to learn more about the best types of alarm systems in Tuckahoe, NY.

Test Alarms at Least Once a Month

Fortunately, this test is also very easy. You simply push the test button. If the alarm sounds, you're in good shape. If it doesn't, you should either replace the batteries and test again, or replace the device with a working one.

Today, the USFA and the Federal Emergency Management Agency are working together to spread the importance of correctly installing each smoke detector and fire alarm in your home. Is it time to replace your smoke alarm?

Landlords Have Insurance, Tenants Should Too

2/5/2019 (Permalink)

Kitchen fire in Bronxville, NY

4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Policy

Lots of people think that insurance is only for homeowners, but they are wrong. When you choose to rent rather than own a home in Bronxville, NY you need to consider protecting yourself with renters insurance as well. Property landlords have insurance that cover their buildings but it does not always cover their tenants. It is best to take the time to research insurance options for you and your personal property that will be kept or stored in the landlords' buildings. Here are four things to consider when choosing a policy.

1. Fire Damage

Make sure the insurance you purchase provides protection in the event of fire damage. Your policy should cover the actual fire, the water damage from dousing the flames and the soot damage that can harm items that do not actually burn.

2. Medical Reimbursement

Make sure the renters insurance coverage that you select includes reimbursement of medical costs for you and your visitors. Some policies only cover your physical property and neglect to protect you or your friends and family if there is an injury in your home.

3. Coverage Limits

Some insurers can put a limit on exactly how much they will pay to replace your damaged items versus the actual value of the items, or how much the insurer will pay towards fire restoration services and cleanup. Check the coverage values before you sign the policy.

4. Liability

Check if you will be covered if you cause a fire as well as if it is caused by negligence or through the actions of another person. Making sure fire damage is covered regardless who caused the fire is important to know before a catastrophe hits.

Don't miss the opportunity to protect you, your visitors and your property when leasing your home. Renters insurance in Bronxville, NY can be a lifesaver if you get the right policy.

4 Steps to Clean Up After a Home Fire

9/11/2018 (Permalink)

Cleaning up items after a fire damage in a Scarsdale, NY home

A home fire in Scarsdale, NY, is a tragic and upsetting event to experience. After you and your loved have survived the danger, you might wonder how to go about cleaning up the damage. Fire restoration experts who know the ins and outs of the process often recommend dry-cleaning and additional content cleaning methods. Here are some steps to help you get back on the road to restoration.

1. Eliminate Water

One of the unfortunate results of exterminating a fire is a lot of water and moisture in the home. Dry all textiles, clothes and drapes and quickly as possible to prevent mold from growing and spreading. Consider content storage for any items that escaped water or smoke damage.

2. Dry Clean Your Clothes

Most experts recommend dry-cleaning for clothing and other fabrics. Don’t wash any textiles in a traditional washer and dryer as that can lead to more damage. There are professional services that will help you safely remove soot from fabrics.

3. Get Rid of the Smell

Smoke leaves an unpleasant, lingering odor in the home. Open windows and place dehumidifiers and box fans throughout the area for some immediate relief. Venting the air as much as possible will help reduce the smell. In addition, professional companies eliminate odors using thermal fogging and ozone treatments.

4. Clean Non-Porous Items

Content cleaning of non-porous items is normally a much easier process because they are, by nature, less absorbent than porous ones. Professional services include high-pressure water and ultrasonic treatments to get your possessions back to their pre-fire conditions. 

House fires are an unpleasant experience for anyone, but there are things you can do to get your home back in pre-fire shape. Some of the initial steps you can take yourself, such as dry-cleaning clothes, but experts can provide the best knowledge, tools and equipment to expedite the restoration process. 

Keeping Your Head After the Fire

8/30/2018 (Permalink)

Smoke damage in a Bronxville, NY kitchen

No matter where the fire hit as it spread through the structure, your commercial building, apartment high-rise, or warehouse was probably devastated in Bronxville, NY. As you watched the water and chemicals assault the flames, you probably wondered what was becoming of your personal possessions or work-related materials. Relief probably flooded through your emotions as you watched the fire trucks drive away – but then reality began to set in and worry about fire restoration and cleanup began to replace the relief with dread.

To help you deal with the aftermath, here is a list of things to do after the fire

  1. Contact your fire insurance company and let them know what happened. Ask for an adjuster to visit the site as soon as possible.
  2. Let your family and friends know you are safe and sound.
  3. Do a fire damage assessment and inspection to see how badly your business, office, or apartment was damaged. If burn damage was minimal, beware of smoke damage.
  4. Call a professional team to begin removing water and applying fire restoration. Do not remove personal items because they could be soaked with fire-suppression chemicals.
  5. Secure doors, windows, and walls with boards. If the roof has been damaged, use tarps to prevent weather damage to the building’s interior.
  6. Request information regarding cleanup from your insurance company and work with the recommended company to clean and dry out the business, office or apartment.
  7. Request smoke, ash, and soot removal from interior surfaces. This should include all electronic devices, machinery, and fabrics.
  8. Work with your insurance company to completely restore the damaged area.

The process of smoke cleaning, object deodorizing, and fire restoration after a fire can be a long and arduous process. However, knowing what steps to take, and who to contact to help you succeed, can make all the difference in replacing that feeling of dread with a sigh of relief.

Methods for Removing Smoke Odor After a Fire

7/28/2018 (Permalink)

House fire in Scarsdale New York

When you have a house fire in Scarsdale, NY, it may seem like the smell of the smoke will never go away. Smoke particles can infiltrate every nook and cranny in your home. They can even imbed themselves into furniture, flooring and walls. Professional restoration experts, however, have methods for extracting smoke odor from your home as part of the restoration process. Here are some smoke cleaning processes that may prove effective in removing the stench from your home.

Air Filtration Devices

One of the first methods the experts are likely to try is an air filtration device. This air scrubber sucks in the air in your home and returns it clean and refreshed. The filters in this system are specially constructed to reduce smoke odor. Some common features of filtration devices that remove smoke odor include

• HEPA filters
• Activated carbon filters
• Treated filters that specifically target smoke

Ozone Machines

Another method of smoke cleaning involves the use of ozone machines. Rather than taking air in, these machines create and expel ozone, the same compound chemical created by a rainstorm that gives the outdoor air its fresh scent. The ozone flows throughout your home, oxidizing smoke residue and neutralizing its odor.

Thermal Foggers

Thermal foggers create deodorizing droplets that permeate the air as well as porous materials in your home to get rid of smoke odor. Using heat and pressurization, the fogger creates tiny particles that can go wherever the smoke damage has gone. Your home is deodorized and cleansed of the stench of the fire.

One of the many advantages of hiring smoke cleaning professionals to remove odors from your home after a fire is that they are equipped with industrial machines that can be used to eliminate the smells. A process that would take weeks or even months with any device you could buy retail can be completed in a matter of hours or days with the advanced methods used by professionals.

For more on Scarsdale click here

Cleaning Personal Belongings Following Fire Damage

12/15/2017 (Permalink)

Cleaning Personal Belongings Following Fire Damage

Coping with the aftereffects of a fire in Scarsdale, NY can be a difficult experience. However, with the right information, you will know what to do to alleviate the damage to your belongings as much as possible. Knowing more about dry cleaning, content cleaning, content storage and other methods is something all people should do.

Dry Cleaning Clothing and Other Fabric Items

Following a fire, both invisible odor and visible soot can deposit on your clothing and other household textiles. There are times when items are too far gone to be saved, but you can work on dry cleaning all of them to see which items you are able to clean well enough to keep after a fire.

Gather all of your cloth and textile items, and take them to a professional dry cleaner. Let that person know that a fire occurred and that is why you need the service. He or she can help you determine which items are worth cleaning and which might need to be replaced due to the damage that the fire caused. Of course, if any items are burned due to the fire, it is best to just toss these and replace them.

Using Ultrasonic Cleaning for Nonporous Items

Ultrasonic cleaning is an option for certain items throughout your home that are not porous, such as your metal, glass, ceramic, plastic and rubber household items. This cleaning method works to remove certain fire-related residue, water and smoke. Ultrasonic cleaning involves using an appropriate solvent and ultrasound, generally ranging from 20 to 400 kHz, to clean items. The ultrasound creates an effect during which particles are rapidly removed.

With this information, you might be able to save more of your belongings and reduce the cost necessary to replenish what was lost in the fire. Utilize methods such as dry cleaning and the others listed here to see what you can save following a house fire. Visit for more information on fire damage.

Reduce Fire Hazards With These Easy Cooking Tips

12/15/2017 (Permalink)

Reduce Fire Hazards With These Easy Cooking Tips

When you consider the heat sources and oils that are an essential part of cooking, it’s no wonder that most house fires in Scarsdale, NY start in the kitchen. The damage from a kitchen fire can be devastating if the flames spread to cabinets and walls. A grease fire, if not properly handled, can spread especially fast. However, if you follow these tips shared by fire damage restoration experts, you can cook safely and avoid damage to your kitchen.

Stay Vigilant

Never leave food unattended when cooking. If you must walk away from the stove, shut it off before you leave, and double check that the stove and oven are turned off after use. Do not allow children or pets around hot cooking surfaces, and closely monitor children if you let them help in the kitchen. Also be mindful of how close towels, pot holders and other flammable items are to cooking surfaces.

Watch Your Fats

Fill pots or pans only with a low level of oil so they won’t overflow when food is added. Use the broiler on your oven carefully to avoid fat splatter, which could catch on fire, and clean it often to prevent grease buildup.

Let Technology Help

Keep a fire extinguisher within reach, and install a smoke detector in or near your kitchen. To avoid burning food, always use a timer when cooking and follow manufacturer's instructions on frying equipment.

Follow Fire Safety Tips

If a fire does start, use your extinguisher to put it out. You may still want to call the fire department to assess the situation and make sure the fire is completely out. If a fire spreads quickly, get everyone out of the home before calling 9-1-1. Do not attempt to put the blaze out yourself.

Most kitchen fires can be prevented by using common sense and following safe cooking tips like those listed above. Paying attention while cooking is one of the best ways to avoid issues. Be smart and stay safe in your Scarsdale, NY kitchen! Visit for more information on fire damage.

Puffback Damage Cleanup

10/5/2017 (Permalink)

Puffback Damage Cleanup

A puffback is when the furnace has a malfunction which causes air to be released in a puff throughout the house. The "puff" is dust particles and mixed with oil which looks like soot from a fire when it settles.

The method of cleanup

  1. Wipe down all surfaces with SERVPRO cleaning agents specific to break down oils and dirt.
  2. Deodorize damaged materials of lingering smoky smell.
  3. Clean air ducts if necessary and deodorize.
  4. Thermal fogging deodorization of hard to reach areas.
  5. Clean walls and ceilings that are damaged.
  6. Paint walls and ceilings which were heavily damaged to bring back original color

SERVPRO of Scarsdale/Mt Vernon is locally owned and operated. Our technicians and staff are highly trained. Visit our fire website for more information.

Professional Fire Damage Restoration Explained

8/23/2017 (Permalink)

Professional Fire Damage Restoration Explained

The fire in business or fire in home can be very devastating, especially when the fire damage attacks your valuable properties. With fire accidents, you will experience not only soot damage or smoke damage but also flooding and water damage from firefighting efforts. When dealing with fire damage restoration, it is imperative to understand that fire cleanup efforts are hazardous and problematic. In that case, it is recommended that you seek professional services from a reputable restoration company. This is because such type of a company usually has good equipment and trained experts that can handle fire damage restoration and the problems caused by commercial fire damage as well.

The benefits of working with a restoration company
As mentioned before, one of the important steps is to contact a restoration company in case of a fire damage or commercial fire damage. This is the company that has the best fire damage restoration experts. These are the people who understand the procedures involved in fire cleanup. They know the type of structures and items to board up during the fire damage restoration process. The fire in business or fire in home damage is a serious issue that requires quick solutions. Even the fire cleanup experts recommend that homes and business properties should be installed with fire alarms. The alarms can sense smoke smell in case of fire in business or fire in home damage. The primary function of the fire alarms is to alert you for adequate preparation. Time is a factor when it comes to soot damage, smoke damage, and fire damage.

Therefore, it is essential that a restoration company is contacted on time whenever there is a smoke smell.
In the case of a fire damage, a restoration company is in a good position to provide you with professionals that can help with the board up services. Also with the commercial fire damage, these people can help with the analysis of the amount of damage experienced during fire break out. They can thoroughly inspect the adjoining rooms and buildings that were affected by the issue with fire in business or fire in home. The experts involved in the fire cleanup process are very proficient at their job. They can understand and figure out the extent of the fire damage, soot damage, smoke damage, and commercial fire damage. From the analysis, fire damage restoration specialists can come up with actions and crucial plans for the fire cleanup process.

Methods of fire damage restoration

In addition to fire damage, there is also smoke damage and soot damage. A smoke smell signals all of these damages. Whichever the case, the agenda is to look at how the lives of the victims can be brought back to order. In that case, the following steps are essential during fire cleanup process and damage restoration.
• Before deciding on the materials to be used during the board up service, it is imperative that you verify the integrity of the building structure. This is because the water used to put out the fire and the heat can damage the foundation of the structure.
• The ceiling, walls, and floors should be examined to come up with a sound board up overhaul and damage restoration.
• In case the building affected by smoke smell, soot damage, and smoke damage is still suitable for human habitation, it is recommended that the carpet and floor damaged by water smoke are replaced immediately.
• Areas under the floors, above the ceilings, and behind the walls should be dried because they can develop mildew and mold. This can present future structural decay and health hazard.
• Contact professionals for efficient removal of soot from walls, ceilings, and floors. Also, the professionals have the skills and equipment for cleaning up electrical and ventilation systems.
• Apart from the structural restoration, it is necessary to evaluate the number of valuable items and personal properties that you can recover during the damage repair. For example, jewelry and decorations can be clean up by using an ultrasonic cleaning equipment.
Visit for more information on fire damage.

Dealing With Fire Damage in Your Home or Business

7/26/2017 (Permalink)

Dealing With Fire Damage in Your Home or Business

Fire damage should be handled by a professional. A fire damage restoration teams knows how to safely clean-up and repair after the fire damage has occurred. They will be able to let the individual know if their home is salvageable, or if it needs to be demolished. The same would go for a business that's been effected by fire damage. A fire in business usually means lost paperwork, burnt oak desks, and confused employees who are wondering if it's safe to go back to work. When the damage is dealt with properly, a fire in home or business does not mean the end of it all.

How to Get Rid of That Smoke Smell

The odor from a fire can exist long after the fire has ceased. This smoke smell isn't going to go away by putting in an air-freshener. A fire restoration team knows how to combat a smoke smell by using the right deodorizers. They can also clean up a surface so that the smoke smell is no longer present on it. Smoke damage may still be visible. But the right restoration company will be able to solve the smoke damage problem as well.

Allow the Professionals to Clean Up Soot

Soot is what's left after organic material has been burned. A homeowner can create more of a problem by trying to clean up the soot themselves. Walking on soot can embed it into flooring and other materials that can be found in a home. A traditional vacuum can make the problem worse because the brushes on the end of it tend to push soot damage even further into a carpet. So, trying to clean it up without a professional can make soot damage worse. A professional will handle soot damage by removing it with a heavy-duty vacuum. One that is designed to remove soot damage completely.

Call the Fire Department as Soon as Possible

To minimize damage, the fire department should be called as soon as possible. Even if no one's life is in danger. A fire can grow quickly. Which means that it'll be able to destroy more stuff every second. If the homeowner does not wish for their home to be demolished, it is best to call the fire department right away. After which, they should call a fire damage restoration team in to assess the damage.

Commercial Fire Damage Should be Dealt with the Same Way

A fire in home is not much different from a fire in business. Commercial fire damage will likely need the same fire damage restoration team that a fire in home will need. The fire cleanup may take longer as commercial fire damage usually covers a larger area then fire in home damage does. In-fact, commercial fire damage may cover an area as large as an entire office building. Sometimes the building can be salvaged. But this is not always the case when it comes to a fire in business. The fire damage from a fire in business may be too severe.

A Restoration Company May Want to Board Up a Home or Business

If the roof of a home or business has been damaged by a fire, it is common for a restoration company to board up the roof by using a tarp. This restoration company may also board up fire damaged windows, walls and fences using plywood. In some cases, the restoration company is preventing vandalism and invasion by boarding up entrances to the home that have been compromised by a hire.

There's A Lot To Restoring A Home Or Business

While restoring a home from soot and smoke damage is important, there's so much more to fire cleanup. As stated, the newly formed walls in a home must be boarded up. A fire damage restoration team will also have to check the carbon levels, which is often created from smoke damage, to make sure the building is safe for human inhabitants. Fire cleanup is a long process. But fire cleanup can be done at a quicker pace when the fire is put out as soon as possible. It's important to call for help right away.
Visit for more information on fire damage.

Fire Damage Restoration Explained

7/3/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Restoration Explained

Ever since fire was discovered, it has been one of the most useful resources. However, it can also be a very destructive force when mishandled. This can lead to an extensive degree of fire damage either with fire in home or fire in business instances.

Definition of Fire Damage:

Fire damage is the extensive destruction that can be brought by an uncontrolled fire. Instances that can lead to fire damage include fire in home or fire in business. If these fires are not extinguished on time then they can bring a lot of destruction on the property or even human beings. However, when this happens the biggest priority is always to preserve the life of a human being. This type of damage usually leads to evacuation of the house during the fire in home or the office premises in a fire in business.

Commercial Fire Damage:

Commercial fire damage is caused during instances of uncontrolled fire in business or even fire in home in the case of apartment blocks. In extreme cases, this fire can be in the vicinity of a big factory or industrial area. This may lead to more damage due to the complexity of the surroundings of the area.

The commercial fire damage may spread widely because of the chemicals that are likely to be found in commercial areas. This includes industrial chemicals, mechanical paraphernalia that operate industries; an extreme wiring that is done in commercial areas among others.

Fire Damage Restoration:

Fire damage restoration refers to all the activities that are carried out after the destruction of the fire. Fire damage restoration is professionally handled by professionals who know how to handle such situations. Before fire damage restoration is carried out effectively an assessment should be carried out.

Soot damage:

Soot damage is the destruction caused by soot left after the destruction of a fire episode. The soot damage can either be oily or dry depending on the type of soot that is in an area. The type of soot also depends on the type of substance that was burned during the fire blaze. It is recommended that you remove the soot during a fire cleanup exercise. Dry soot can be cleaned using a dry sponge; you can also use a lambswool duster or vacuum cleaner. You can remove soot by following these steps:

1. Sprinkle any powder which has absorbent properties like corn starch or baking soda over the area which has the damage.
2. Let the powder sit for like an hour on the soot damage area.
3. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the powder.
4. Use a dry cleaning agent to soften a clean cloth
5. Clean out the soot damage areas with this cloth. Use rubbing alcohol on the persistent areas that prove hard to remove.
6. Rinse the soot damage area with clean water.

Smoke Damage:

Smoke Damage is caused by the destructive nature of the fire and it affects the air quality due to the smoke smell. The smoke damage is brought about by the gas by-product of the fire. Smoke damage is destructive to corrosive substances like thermoplastics and even non-corrosive substances like cosmetics and some electrical components.

Before any place is declared safe there should be no smoke smell. Excess smoke in the area can hinder this by causing an irritating smoke smell. However, you can clean out smoke damage on furniture by wiping it with a mild detergent and sanding it with sandpaper. Smoke damage can also be black.You can remove it by cleaning out the area with vinegar. This substance also neutralizes the air and removes the smoke smell.

Fire cleanup:

Fire cleanup refers to the activity that is carried out after putting out the fire. It can also be referred to as fire damage restoration as it happens as soon as a commercial fire damage or domestic fire happens. Fire cleanup involves many steps which are done to ensure that the vicinity affected by the fire is safe. Before carrying out the fire cleanup always ensure that the air quality is safe.

It is essential that the air quality is declared safe because smoke is also a destructive force which can lead to further destruction after a fire. Therefore fire cleanup involves removing soot from the whole area and ensuring that the area is smoke-free this can only be done after the air quality has been declared as safe.
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Do's & Don'ts in Fire Emergency in an Eastchester home or business 10709

4/28/2016 (Permalink)

We serve Easchester, Scarsdale, Bronxville, Tuckahoe & Fleetwood/Mount Vernon property owners after small or "Large Loss" fires & Restore vs. Replace!

We understand the stress & trauma after a fire affects your home or business in Eastchester, NY 10709

One of our great employees had a smoked ham for Easter one year, unexpectedly.  That's after Mom left her oven mitt in the gas oven after basting the dinner.  Needless to say, the gas stove caught the fabric on fire and smoke went everywhere.  They saved the meal and their ham tasted "smoked" and "was the best they'd had in years."

That's a happy ending, but we have had tragedies, like my family's barn on our horse farm, after  it burned down with generations of Model A and Model Ts inside.  We got the puppies and doggie mama out in time!

Then, there are beloved pets that do not make it out of the fire and survive, and there we are, crying with our clients for their lost, furry loved ones.

Fires are never pretty and we always hope that no one is hurt.  But, who are you going to call, "Ghost Busters??"  After dialing 911 and once your local fire department saves your structure, we hope, who can help get your life and belongings back?  We can often save flooring, carpets and rugs, even textiles -- like your clothing in a closed closet and sentimental items -- wedding dresses, etc.

Once the Fire Department pulls out and the American Red Cross, our national partners, arrive to help and take anyone to a hotel or place to rest, who do you call?  

We are called Restoration companies because we are trained and certified for Fire & Water Cleanup after a fire and/or flood.  Remember that most fires are "water suppressed" by fire hoses, then within days, you may have mold growth and mildew.  Get help soon and don't wait for adjusters to fly in, as you can always assure your insurance company that you tool the right, timely steps  save your structure, as noted in most of our insurance policies.

Do's and Don'ts:

Here are some Do's and Don'ts until help arrives because it's natural to want to start cleaning a building and moving its contents after a fire.  

Timely action can be a big help, but incorrect or delayed actions can do more harm than good to your rugs, flooring and belongings.  Wait for us to help and clean correctly.  Call us directly at your local, 914- restoration company Westchester County.   This way, we can:

1) Board up the building and secure any open windows and doors!

2)  Start getting the water out and drying your structure (if the building department allows).  But, if you are waiting for a Claim number, or the local Fire Marshall and Building Department officials to clear your building, so we can enter, the cleanup is going to take time.

3) help begin the cleaning process, removing broken glass, soft materials and recovering sentimental belongings

-- that's after Eastchester's finest in the Fire Department saves your home, business and the roof.  Our teams handle commercial Large Loss fire damages as well as helping homeowners with more "minor" kitchen fires or in an attic!

What you can do until help arrives

After any fire damage situation, your primary focus should be safety:

  • Is it safe to stay in the house?  It's best to get outside, get some fresh air and wait for help!
  • Electrical and "slip and fall" hazards are some of the most prevalent concerns, especially if you have a grease fire and slippery floors.
  • Only do activities that are safe for you to perform, then call 911 and get out.
  • Wet materials can be VERY heavy. Be careful, especially removing wet carpet.

***We dry flooring and carpet first for a day, then we remove the heavy carpets, rugs and materials safely, without any back or other injuries! Be safe!

It's our job as a Restoration company that serves our Westchester community, where we live and own a business, to provide all the help needed to make the fire damage

"Like it never even happened."  

We get you back to painted walls and floors and surfaces that are cleaner than before.

 Call for help and just be careful of space heaters and unattended candles, as we weather this cold start to Spring 2016.  Best of luck!

~ Hillary & all of us at SERVPRO of Scarsdale

Is it Spring yet??