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Why SERVPRO Testimonials

Very good service! Thank you for your professional attention to my flooded apartment after our building had frozen pipes and leaks. As the Board president for our shareholders, I was very impressed and have the SERVPRO Scarsdale number in my cell phone now, for future.

SERVPRO Scarsdale was very professional and we would recommend this franchise to friends, family and others for any flood cleaning, or a fire God forbid. We had a flooded lobby. They were on time and very understanding, so our Super is now scheduling quarterly cleaning for common areas in our apartment building.

Our Board was called about an odor in a Coop owner's apartment, so we went in and found it was coming through a vent. After knocking on doors, we discovered that a tenant in one apartment had passed away. It had been days and there was quite a mess. Kevin and his workers cleaned up after the coroner and we are very grateful, especially the neighboring apartment owner. Thank you SERVPRO of Bronxville, in Westchester...

We manage several schools in our district, including Scarsdale Middle School. It has old stains on the polished stone walls and floors. After SERVPRO Scarsdale came through and we tried Muric Acid, we identified it as juice and hair product spills from students. A big help from the pros, thanks Forrest & Kevin!

This is to thank Hillary Sheperd for speaking at our recent Emergency Management Preparedness meeting. Her family company is a big help in our community and we learned about her work in the Federal government on Hurricane Disaster response & Presidentially Declared storms like "Sandy." Thank you, SERVPRO!

We had a family tragedy at my sister's home -- her husband. It was a horror that the family could not or should not have to see / cleanup. I cannot say enough about SERVPRO of Scarsdale Mount Vernon, from the first call to the last cleaning effort. Their discreet, considerate staff came in suits, gloves and with gentle communication. They made our tragedy a bit better by leaving the home clean and sanitary, in a courteous way. Thanks Kevin, Julieann and Robert!