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Dealing With Fire Damage in Your Home or Business

7/26/2017 (Permalink)

Dealing With Fire Damage in Your Home or Business

Fire damage should be handled by a professional. A fire damage restoration teams knows how to safely clean-up and repair after the fire damage has occurred. They will be able to let the individual know if their home is salvageable, or if it needs to be demolished. The same would go for a business that's been effected by fire damage. A fire in business usually means lost paperwork, burnt oak desks, and confused employees who are wondering if it's safe to go back to work. When the damage is dealt with properly, a fire in home or business does not mean the end of it all.

How to Get Rid of That Smoke Smell

The odor from a fire can exist long after the fire has ceased. This smoke smell isn't going to go away by putting in an air-freshener. A fire restoration team knows how to combat a smoke smell by using the right deodorizers. They can also clean up a surface so that the smoke smell is no longer present on it. Smoke damage may still be visible. But the right restoration company will be able to solve the smoke damage problem as well.

Allow the Professionals to Clean Up Soot

Soot is what's left after organic material has been burned. A homeowner can create more of a problem by trying to clean up the soot themselves. Walking on soot can embed it into flooring and other materials that can be found in a home. A traditional vacuum can make the problem worse because the brushes on the end of it tend to push soot damage even further into a carpet. So, trying to clean it up without a professional can make soot damage worse. A professional will handle soot damage by removing it with a heavy-duty vacuum. One that is designed to remove soot damage completely.

Call the Fire Department as Soon as Possible

To minimize damage, the fire department should be called as soon as possible. Even if no one's life is in danger. A fire can grow quickly. Which means that it'll be able to destroy more stuff every second. If the homeowner does not wish for their home to be demolished, it is best to call the fire department right away. After which, they should call a fire damage restoration team in to assess the damage.

Commercial Fire Damage Should be Dealt with the Same Way

A fire in home is not much different from a fire in business. Commercial fire damage will likely need the same fire damage restoration team that a fire in home will need. The fire cleanup may take longer as commercial fire damage usually covers a larger area then fire in home damage does. In-fact, commercial fire damage may cover an area as large as an entire office building. Sometimes the building can be salvaged. But this is not always the case when it comes to a fire in business. The fire damage from a fire in business may be too severe.

A Restoration Company May Want to Board Up a Home or Business

If the roof of a home or business has been damaged by a fire, it is common for a restoration company to board up the roof by using a tarp. This restoration company may also board up fire damaged windows, walls and fences using plywood. In some cases, the restoration company is preventing vandalism and invasion by boarding up entrances to the home that have been compromised by a hire.

There's A Lot To Restoring A Home Or Business

While restoring a home from soot and smoke damage is important, there's so much more to fire cleanup. As stated, the newly formed walls in a home must be boarded up. A fire damage restoration team will also have to check the carbon levels, which is often created from smoke damage, to make sure the building is safe for human inhabitants. Fire cleanup is a long process. But fire cleanup can be done at a quicker pace when the fire is put out as soon as possible. It's important to call for help right away.
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