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Water Damage Restoration: What Now?

7/3/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Restoration: What Now?

A husband arrives home after a romantic dinner out with the long-haired beautiful wife only to step in an alarming and gigantic pool of wet in the kitchen area. The couple has cherry blossom hardwood flooring, and with all the water in the kitchen, it will soon be wrecked by mold and flood damage. The pressing question of, "What Now?" Demands answering.

Don't Wait: Act!

One of the first tasks a person should start with after water damage is to call up a specialist who understands the gravity of the situation. Because he's been working in the industry, he will have specialized equipment made for water damage mitigation. An individual might be saying, "The damage is already done, so what does it matter?" The problem is how the problem gets progressively worse the longer the wait. Mold will start to form in the home after just 24 to 48 hours and spread like wildfire causing damage to the home and items within the home. In addition, the longer waited, the more the person will pay in the long term because the damages will be worse.

The Three Categories of Water Damage

Water cleanup specialists categorize water damage into three separate categories. First, they have "Category 1." In this category, the flooding water enters the home through a clean source, and it will not be a danger. The most common source from Category 1 comes from the dishwasher. Second, they have Category 2. This category will have bacteria in it and can be dangerous to come into contact with. Finally, there's Category 3, which is the most severe of the categories. This category includes overflowing toilets, sewage backup and storm waters. Water might start from a clean source, but the contact with dirty carpet or soil could raise the category of water damage.

Speaking with an Insurance Company

If a person wants affordable restoration from flood damage, it makes all the difference to notify the insurance company. An insurance agent will open a claim and begin the process of collecting on flood damage. One of the first steps taken with water damage mitigation involves stopping further damage from happening. Flood damage mitigation starts with an emergency visit to the main water valve shutoff. The insurance company may also guide a person on a good water cleanup company. Nevertheless, the person doesn't have to call the flood damage mitigation company they recommended, and he can choose whoever he wants for property restoration.

Not All Water Cleanup Covered under Insurance

Before a person ever buys a policy on water in home, he should first review the policy. This goes the same for if he owns a business and has water in business. The vast majority of policies will cover restoration from after a terrible storm or a malfunctioning washing machine, but gradual leaks for water in home or water in business will not be covered.

Drying Water in Home

Whether people have water in home or water in business, one of the best policies even before calling a water cleanup company involves drying the water. To do this, turn on a fan and bring in some fans to blow on the water and help with drying. Always exercise caution around water and electrical outlets: Water and electricity do not mix. While drying near an electric outlet, people may be better off leaving it alone and calling in a professional water cleanup company.

Real mitigation can be summed up in two words: future prevention. If a person has water in business from a leaky roof, it does little good to repair the damage inside if he failed to fix the shingles on the roof first. The restoration process involves repairing the flood damage after identifying the cause and eliminating it. Water cleanup can stress a person out, but when they take these steps, it lowers the risk and makes it more tolerable.
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